Nom Nom Carrot. :)

My secretary & photo taking assistant  finks she has been too busy doing the ‘yard works’ again today. So she finks that she was not going to help write my bloggie for me.  I telled her she hafe to, but she sayed it is getting fery late at night. So here is some picktures of handsome me eating my nom nom carrot, so you don’t forget how handsome I is before I put my secretary back to work tomorrow day writing some more words for me about my walkies.


Mmmm.... crunchy carrot .....


... nom nom nom nom ....delicious!


Yes – I do have my carrot in my bed. That is the most comfy place to eat nom noms after all. I take my yoghurt there too.


3 Comments to “Nom Nom Carrot. :)”

  1. Wees been wonderin’ where you wuz. Handsome you are! That nom nom carrot looks right at home in yours bed. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. oh i’m tellin’ ya. woo & nordude are two peas in a pod. he NOMS carrots up too AND yogurt.. so healthy:)
    i finks woo should put your secretary on a performance improvement plan if this keeps up. mine is! she soooo
    slacked off last month.

    c ya tulamorrow!

  3. OMD, my sis Syndey noms carrots, too! I say BLECH to carrots. I isn’t no bunny wabbit.

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