Lagoon Walk

This is from my walkies from Friday, what was two sleeps ago. My secretary has been fery slack this week. I fink I might have to take Tulahmonstah’s advice to make da secretary work faster.

I am counting  the sleeps now though because in 26 sleeps I will see my Maree Mum, and my nefew Dude & my little nieces and my BIG litter sister Jellie and all my other relatives & friends.  And my Mumma & Dad will be talking to my Maree Mum about getting me a new little sister.

Anyways, on Friday  the  hu-mans wanted to go & visit Grandma Liz & cousin Diva, so we went over to their side of town for our walkies. They have got some pretty places there for walkies, and it was nearly sunset, so it is a fery nice  time for going near the beach.


There is some fery pretty little ponds, and  a good track for zoomies – once the jogging lady went past.  I did fery fast zoomies. Mumma got way behind when she was taking picktures so I had to go zoomies to find her, then hu-Dad runned ahead and hidded. So I did zoomies back & forth, until I got all puffed out.

Then we went climbing over some rocks & dirts & broken concretes. First I was making the squeaking noise because I did not like it, then Mumma said I should pretend to be a brave search & rescue doggie, plus it was fery good for my brain to figure out how to go up & down on all the rough fings. So then I didn’t mind so much. But I stuck real close to my hu-Dad & did not go back to see what my Mumma was doing this time.  Mumma says we might go there again because it is good for me to try new fings.

Then we went stomp stomp stomping frough some tall grass. So tall it was over my head, and the hu-mans laughed at me when I was going jump jump jump to get over it. The walkies today was fery fery hard work.  After that we went right to the end of the world where the big sea is. Mumma says it is not really the end of the world, but that if I swimmed a fery fery fery fery long way, I would get to Ping & Benson Land.

FINALLY after all those hard works, we went to Diva’s house. I had just enough energy left to have a few little zoomies with Diva, then I falled asleep by my Mumma until we went home.  It was a fery busy day.


3 Comments to “Lagoon Walk”

  1. Wow Ruger, that sounds like a wonderful walkie day!!! I will have to talk to my secretary as well and make sure she takes me on fun walkies like this and that she helps me with bloggie because she is super slacker!!!

    I’m going to bed now!



  2. Heeding The TulaMonstah’s advice is furry wise!


  3. Wowser, I is all puffed out just reading about your wild and crazee times! The do be the most bootifullest sunset I has efur seened. That do be a big pond at the end of your werld.

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