Mumma says that sometimes karma comes back & bites you on the butt. I’m not ex-a –ca-lly sure what she means, but she said it has somefing to do with the fery extremely bad ‘chomping incident’ from a coupla weeks ago. 

Anyhows I almost got chomped today by two crazy off-leash doggies on my walkies with Mumma. Mumma says lucky fing that they weren’t vicious crazy, just  ”I-am-a-nutty-collie-dog craaaaazzzy”, otherwise I would really truely have teefie marks on me and Mumma might too. And anyways – they didn’t bit me on the butt, they tried to get my neck & my leggies. And I don’t fink their names was Karma, so I totally don’t know what she means.  Hu-mans can say some fery strange fings sometimes.

SO, other than the crazy doggies and the fery evil two-wheels that comed speeding past I had a fery cold (it might actually be winter now!) and quite boring walkies.  After all those fings the hu-mum would not let me off my lead at anytime whatsoever, so I did not get to see much interesting stuffs, and every time I was reading a good peemail Mumma made me hurry up.  Of course, when HU-MUM wanted to stop for photos, well, that was just fine.

"No Mumma, DON'T put the pickture of me with my eyes shut on the interwebs."

This is the cycle track me & the hu-mans go walkies on. It will look nicer when fings grow more.

"I am a pawsomely handsome dog, aren't I?"

If you look by my ears, and above the sea there are mountains wif snows on them.

There is some kind of old wrecked fing down by the beach, Mumma doesn't know what it used to be.

Mumma is in two minds about whether the new cycle track is a good place for us to go walkies. She says I will for sure never ever get to go walkies off-leash along it. The sign at the start does not efen MENTION doggies. Mumma says that is typical for our town. Efen though the hu-mum & hu-dad hafe to pay lots of green papers every year to register me, there is not much good fings for doggies to do in our town.  Mumma says that efen if the sign sayed ‘No Doggies Allowed’ that would show that our council people remembered that there were doggies & their hu-mans in our town.  But nope, it’s just like the other trails in our town. NO signs about OK for doggies or not OK for doggies, or stay on leash, or scoop the poops or anyfing.  Plus our fings to play on at the dog pen are all broken & hafe nails sticking out. And one of our dog pens got the fence taken away altogether, so now doggies can’t play there. Mumma gets to wondering if the only fing her green papers get spent on is putting the fery bad doggies in doggie prison, and paying the green papers for the man who catches them. He is actually a fery nice man who cares about doggies. I have met him myself a few times, and he always talks nice  and helpful to my Mumma when she had to telephone him, so he deserves his green papers. But Mumma does wish there was some better fings for doggies in our town.


"Can I go walkies here or not Mumma?"


4 Comments to “Karma”

  1. woo are furry handsome except your mumma keeps catching woo with your eyes closed. i’m with ya on not letting doggies have any place or fings to do around town. so NOT fair! I say woo put up your own signs!

    have a funballs day!

  2. I say if’n there be no signs to tell me udderwise, full speed ahead fur us doggies! I dunno how it be by you but here the “NO DOGS” sign goes up when stoopid peeples is not responsibull and let dogs off leash wot runs wild and crazee amok and jumps on peeples and stuffs and then duss not pick up poo. Buttttttt, then there should be signs wot say “NO CHILDRUNS” too coz I cannot tell you how many times we has seen childruns run wild and crazee amok. One runned at me waving a stick and the mom sayed NUTTIN and my mom throwed herself atween me and the childrun so I would not get hit in the head with the stick and the childuns mom gibbed my mom the STINK EYE – can you beleef that? And yes, one time mom even had to pick up a stinky baby poo diaper wot some stoopid peeples left at a seenik on a mountain. Even I thought that woz EWWW and you know how us dogs like gross stuffs. So fair is fair, no dogs then no childruns too.

  3. I’m with the furry furry smart and beaWOOtiful Shawnee and Tula M!


  4. We sure are happy you did not get bit by those doggies. Sorry you do not have better places to go walkie but your Mumma sure tries hard to find a good place for you to walk. You sure are pawsome handsome and that is fur sure! Hugs and nose kisses

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