Sleeping Day

We have rainy season again today. And it was cold. Not really fery cold, but cold enough. Mumma needed me and the stinky cat to keep her toasty. And that stupid laptop thing. I don’t fink she really needs that laptop thing. I am much more interesting to look at. And much more useful for keeping her cozy. But she said she had Red Cross works to do.  And that stinky cat & me needed the firey warm thing to keep us warm. Mumma remembered to keep it going today.  Some days she gets so busy doing stuffs on her laptop that she forgets to feed the warm thing.

 But I’m still cold.


2 Comments to “Sleeping Day”

  1. Awwwwww, Ruger you look so sweet in that last picture, you look all warm and cozy. It was sweet of you and the cat to help keep your Mumma all toasty. I would send you some heat if I could…it is in the triple digits here very hot. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Wugew
    I would happily come ovew and keep you wawm wif my snuggle if you need. As fow the noisy awe in the majowity..all my fwiend twemble and get sad,,,y angel sissie used to cowewe undew the bafwoom sink most of the summew between dundew stowms and fiwewowks.
    i hope it’s quiet and peaceful fow you
    smoochie kisses

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