Bike Trail

Hu-Mumma & I had our paws crossed today that hu-Dad would not get paged for his work because we wanted to go for a big walkies with him. And we got lucky because he got a whole day so far with no calls. So we went for a long walk this afternoon – in that strange bright shiny stuff. Even though it is supposed to be that cold winter season, the hu-mans did not need to put on any extra furs at all. It was fery warm. We were going to go on the new bicycle track, but when we got to the end of it, we found that it wasn’t the end anymore. There was a new new bit on the track!!! It looked a bit rough, but we are used to that, and we fought not too many hu-mans would go on that bit yet, so off we went.

We had a good fun walk. We had a little stop for a Frisbee game on the beach. We took my old red Frisbee because I don’t want my Mumma to maybe lose my special Frisbee. She is not fery good at looking after Frisbees. And I did not let her frow it, because she is pretty bad at that too!! But I still luv her.

Sometimes we could not go along the track and we went scrunching over the rocks & driftwoods. I am going to fire my photo-taking assistant because she did not take any photos of me & my hu-Dad in the driftwoods. She said that she needed her arms for balancing instead of taking photos, but I did not fink that was a fery good excuse at all. She was going fery slow though. I had to keep going back to make sure that she was OK. It is fery hard keeping an eye on all your hu-mans when they don’t stay together. Do you other doggies have that problem on walkies?

We came back along a back road part way. I saw some sheeps and played in the puddles. The puddles were good for stomping in and they tasted OK too – but not as good as home water!  I always have to go straight to my own water bowl when I get home every time after I am out.



My Mumma took some more pictures of me along the way. Hu-Dad & I fink she is  fery craaaaazzzy about taking photos. But…. I am a fery handsome doggie after all.



4 Comments to “Bike Trail”

  1. Ruger, that looks like a pawsome place for walkies! Lots of smells and sheep! Wow! I have to go far to see sheep!!! I wish I could come there for walkies!!!



  2. Oh, Ruger how sweet you were to keep going back and checking on your mom. Sounds like you had a good time. You had a very nice place to walk with fun things to see and you got to play Frisbee too, wow! Thank you for sharing your walkie with us. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. You were very cleva to take the red frisbee !!! Mummas only hav two legs so it IS harda for them to keep up you know…..we will go like the wind when we go to the beach……….I can hardly wait……gunna take a ball and everyfink….you take the frisbee.Hope you hav a cool walk tomora….Luv ya Unc …..Dude xxxx

  4. Hey Ruger, so nice to meet you! You must be Down Unner with it being winter and all by you. It do be hawt summertime here. And, OMD, did you see my sis Sydney on my bloggie? You is kin with her. Fur real! She be ofur in the side bar in our group pawtrait. Bet you can gess which one she is!

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