Looking for Autumn

My hu-Mum has been trying to teach some of the little hu-mans that she works with about Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  She was fery surprised at first that they didn’t know some fings about the seasons already, but when she fought about it some more she realised that here on our coast we don’t really have seasons like that – not like the other coast where me & Mumma came from.  We knows allllll about how it gets fery fery cold & icy in Winter.  It will be fery cold when we go to visit my Maree Mumma soon, so hu-Mum says I should get busy growing some more furs, especially if I want to play chasing games outside with my nefew Dude.

Usually here on our coast we just hafe raining and not raining. Only this year we hafe raining and raining, and then more raining.  Once in a while we hafe a sunny day. So one sunny day my Mumma decided that she needed to take some autumn pictures of handsome me.  

She said we had to find a de-ci-du-ous tree. Apparently that is a kind of tree that makes its leafes turn all kinds of colours and then fall off.  Mostly in New Zealand all the tree leafes stay green alllll year. Mumma has been trying to teach those little hu-mans some big words like that de-ci-du-ous word. So she wanted to get a picture of that kind of tree.

 Now I knows we hafe some of those because hu-Mum & hu-Dad cleaned up all the leafes the other weekend when they cut down my peeing grass. But all the leafes hafe falled off our one already because it is not really autumn anymore. Mumma says it’s supposed to be winter, but all the plants are all confused, because my strawberry is trying to grow some flowers & berries.  So she fought we could still find a tree wif colourful  leafes on it if we went looking if it is all  the seasons at the same time now.

So we went for a walkies a different way than we usually go when we go to see Mr Goat.  We went up a little hill and down a little track to get some pictures of handsome me beside the always green trees. I had some fery good fun there because I chased a weka bird. So here is handsome me by the green trees.

Then we went a different crazy way down by the creek near our big road. There is a perfeckly good footpath, but no, Mumma said we had to go a different way to find the colourful tree. So we went through some fery tall grass – as tall as me. It was fery fun.  I nearly BOL when Mumma fell down a hole, and I knowed the best ways to go, and I found something yummy to eat. I don’t quite know what it was – but it tasted a little bit like kitty litter treats or hedgehog poos.  Mumma said I was disgusting.

So anyway, we got to the colourful tree. And we found some pretty flowers too. So of course Mumma had to take lots of photos of photogenic me!  Sometimes I fink she is a little bit crazy about taking pictures of me.


2 Comments to “Looking for Autumn”

  1. What a fun and educational post to read. Your pictures with the autumn colors in the background are beautiful! Sounds like you had a very nice walk while searching for the tree with colorful leaves. Sorry your mumma fell in a hole and hope she did not hurt herself. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Yo Ruges you will hav to grow lots more hair……it woz snowing taday…….me thinks you’ll be tuf coz of all the rain……still……..counting down the sleeps….
    Luv Dude xxx

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