Goodbye Katie

This is my friend Katie. She made her Journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. Her hu-Mum is one of my Mumma’s fery goodest friends.  I didn’t get to see her so much recently because she was getting old & grumpy and her Mumma was worried about her biting someone – maybe even me. I did see her when we went to her & Tylar & Buddy’s house to play.

Now Katie will be a happy & pain free doggy again, collecting all the beach rocks she wants for always.

Rest in Peace Katie

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7 Comments to “Goodbye Katie”

  1. What a beaWOOty!

    I’m sure she was welkhomed warmly akhross The Rainbow Bridge – we have so many – and too many – furiends there already –

    Please tell her mumma we are sorry fur her loss –


  2. Goodbye, Katie. We are sending hugs and love to her family.


  3. Rest in Peace katie…maybe you are playing with Neve at the Rainbow Bridge…



  4. My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  5. Such a sad day for a pet owner. So sorry Katie’s Mum. Dropping by on the blog hop today.That’s what the world needs today – another talking cat – but it’s cute! Stop by my blog to see a cat say “Let me in” at his owner’s window.

  6. So sorry to hear about Katie. Our thoughts and paw prayers go out to you and your family. We know what it is like to lose your best friend.

  7. Wugew
    I’m sowwy youw good fwiend Katie had to leave fow the Bwidge, but it sounds like she will be back to hew happy and pain fwee self and when you meet again in the distant footoowe, she will be weady to gweet you wif smiles and weady to play
    smoochie kisses

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