Humans are fery strange sometimes. MY humans spend ages yesterday cutting & pulling out a whole lot of plants – well, they called them grass & weeds.  

This picture is the little shoots that hu-Dad found growing. Hu-Mum says we will hafe to wait until springtime to see what they turn into.  She said that she must have seen them growing last spring, but with such a fery strange year as the humans have had lots of stuffs have fallen out of her brain & she’s forgotten what they were.  I don’t fink any stuffings have fallen out of my hu-Mum’s brain. I’m sure I would have noticed.

Then the humans spend a whole lot of time today buying & planting a bunch of other plants – they call them flowers & shrubs.  They all looked like green growing things to me, the same as the ones we used to have yesterday.  Except Mumma says she’ll growl at me big time if I pee on these ones. Hmmmm —  did I tell you that hu-Dad cut down my perfectly good peeing grass yesterday??

Still, if there’s work to be done, I had to supervise of course. I decided that today I needed to get up close & personal to make sure that hu-Mum really was doing somefing.

Mum says that our garden will never look as pretty as Miss Katie’s, and that it’s because her & hu-Dad don’t have ‘green-fingers.’  I know they don’t – ‘cause I had a good look, and their fingers looked a perfectly ordinary colour to me. But I’m not sure what that has got to do with making fings grow.  As I said, hu-mans are fery strange.

Here is the fings that I helped the humans to plant. We hope that they will grow & look fery pretty. Then hu-Mum will make me sit beside then to have my photo taken….. sigh….

The fery good thing though is that the store where Mum & Dad got the plants also has pet fings. So Mumma got me a new toy. It is a fery fun toy & I like it alot.  I already put lots of teefie marks in it.


2 Comments to “Planting”

  1. Mom’s trying to grow things here with no luck. It’s just too hot! We hope your shoots sprout (or is that sprout’s shoot?) into something really pretty!


  2. I bet your yard with all those new plants is going to be beautiful soon. Sorry you lost your peeing grass. Enjoy that new toy. Hugs and nose kisses

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