Yard Work

Well, the humans said that they had to do ‘yard work’ today.  They thought that the backyard was in a fery big mess. Me, I liked it the way it was. There was lots of fings to leave my pee-mails on, but no, the humans had to get rid of all my favourite clumps of grass & weeds.

Of course, once I knew the humans had hard work to do I had to supervise. Now everydog knows that supervising  humans is fery fery difficult and tiring, so I had to lie in my bed all afternoon looking out through the French doors, making sure that the humans were working.

The hu-Dad discovered a plant pot with some little sprouts growing  up in it. I guess if it grows pretty flowers in Springtime hu-Mum will make me sit beside them for my photo. Sigh ……

When I saw hu-Mum had this much mud on her, I fought she must have had lots of fun. But she said mud isn’t always fun. I could not understand that.

When they were all finished – I had to look out the door and check their work. The yard looks almost fery tidy – apart from the half of the lawn where hu-Dad’s lawn mower broke down.

Then after all that work, the humans still had some time to take me for walkies – just as well. Here is  a picture that my hu-Mum took of handsome me:


One Comment to “Yard Work”

  1. Sounds like your Mom and Dad were very, very busy!


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