Eventful Walkies

Hu-Mum and I went walkies a new place again today on a different part of the floodwall. It was a fery nice day for a walkies and the water looked fery pretty and sparkly. There was lots of fings for me to look at and for Mumma to look at.

 But then we saw a fery bad fing.

Some poor doggies were running behind their human’s car. One was a poodley dog and Mumma doesn’t know what the other kind was.  The poodley dog was only a young one. Their human was yelling at us and yelling at them. I did not like it, so Mumma had to hold on to my harness fery hard so that I would stay still. Mumma didn’t like it either. We felt fery sorry for those pups.

There were lots of humans on our walkies. A man and his little baby went past us and the man said to us “I had a blue heeler just like that when I was younger.”  My Mumma gets annoyed about that sometimes. Her and hu-Dad fink that no-one could have a blue heeler just like me, because I am the only-est one in the world just like me.  My hu-Mum says at least he did not try to pat me. I fery don’t like when strange mans come near my Mumma.

Then we went on a bit more and my hu-Mum was trying to take my photo. I was being a fery good dog and sitting nicely and Mumma was crouching on the ground, when suddenly that poodley dog sneaked up again. Mumma finks she must have turned off the eyes in the back of her head, and I must have turned off my sniffering snooter, because that poodley pup sneaked up on us really good.  I got a big surprise when it got near us and tangled Mumma up in my lead & she falled over.  The poodley dog’s human just keeped on driving past and yelled ‘sorry’ out her window at Mumma & me.  I fought she should stop & make sure Mumma was OK, but she did not.

So I put my cold snooter in Mumma’s ear and she made all the  shrieking noises that she normally makes when I do that, so then I knew she was just  fine, only mad. She had some owies, but only little ones. Then we tried to carry on with our walkies, but another silly human with their dog off the leash annoyed us.  That doggy got right in my face and I was not fery happy at all. Mumma was not surprised because I was feeling fery unsettled by this time after seeing that poodley dog twice and seeing Mumma falling over.  (She was feeling fery unsettled herself!)  So we turned around on our walkies and went right back to the van again. Mumma had to hold onto me fery tight because I was not a happy doggy now everytime somefing drived past.

So it was not our bestest walkies ever. But I am still the handsomest doggy ever – so here is a picture:



One Comment to “Eventful Walkies”

  1. You are tres handsome, Ruger. I’m sure that’s why the poodley dog ran over!
    – Charlie

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