Looking for Mr Goat

Mum & I had to go walking around the streets again today, so we decided to go & look at Mr Goat. Mr Goat lives in Goat Street, as you would expect. Mum says that’s not the real name of the street where he lives, but the street rhymes with goat, so we always call it that!! My hu-Mum finks she is funny sometimes, but I don’t thing she’s fery good at being funny.

We were a bit worried when we got there because we couldn’t see him. He is always in his paddock, but nope, he wasn’t there. So we carried on up the street. When we came back again, hu-Mum had another fink, and decided that he must he somewhere because there was fresh hay in his paddock. So we looked and looked, and finally hu-Mum saw the end of his nose in his house.  She finks he must be getting old now, because she has never seen him lying down in his house before, and these days he is not on a chain anymore (which is a good fing!!!) so maybe he doesn’t try to escape anymore. As far as hu-Mum can remember he’s been in his paddock since before Neve & I were fery fery tiny little pups. She isn’t sure how long goats live for.

Another thing that happened on our walk was that I tried to eat some chewing gum. Hu-Mum didn’t know that chewing gum was fery bad for us doggies before today, so she thinks it is fery lucky that her DWB pals did know, and someone posted a message about it just this morning. So she was about to quickly try to get it out of my mouth, but I spat it out anyway. It tasted fery yucky. Usually fings I find on the ground – like hedgehog poo – taste delicious, but this just tasted bad.  And it was going to stick to my teefies, which would be a very bad fing, because I need my teefies for chasing the stinky cat, so I decided not to eat it.

So anyway, I will not try to eat chewing gum again – I promise, and here are some pictures. Don’t I have handsome ears? My hu-Mum thinks I do.

I am looking for Mr Goat


Look fery carefully & you might see Mr Goat


2 Comments to “Looking for Mr Goat”

  1. Goats!!! They are like sheep!! Boy do I like sheep so I bet I’d like goats too! How cool that you get to see a goat on your walkies! I don’t! We occasionally see raccoons and skunks but not goats!

    Mom and I are so glad you didn’t eat the gum!!! But I want to ask you about hedgehog poo! Does it taste better than kitty poo?



  2. When I go to my finca in Spain I get to see lots of goats and sheeps. I stand and watch them very carefully to make sure they all pass by my house safely and then I go back to sleep, I mean guard my other gate.

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