Sunny Day Walkies

The hu-Dad was away today and it was a nice sunny day, so Mum and I decided to go for a long walkies. While we were driving to start our walkies we saw a fery funny thing. It was such a tiny horse. My Mum thought it was very cute – but not as cute as me. 


A fery tiny horse!

 We went around the Kowhai Bush Walk and saw all the birds on the lagoon.  I like going to Kowhai Bush & the flood wall, because I can go off my leash.  But I have to walk right beside Mum on the boardwalks in case she falls off.  Neve used to fall off sometimes because she didn’t watch where she was going. It was fery embarrassing, especially the time when we went walkies there with Grandma H. and Grandpa S. and she fell off right in front of them. But Mum doesn’t fall off because I keep a close eye on her.


Bird Watching


Then we went on the flood wall.  I think I should go right down the bank into the lagoon to sniff all the good sniffs that are coming from the mud. My hu-Mum has a different idea – she keeps saying if I slide down there I will never get back up again.


Stay in the middle.

We stopped at the dog pen along the way and I played with my Frisbee for a bit. I played on the obstacles once – I am fery clever at walking along the narrow beam. But Mum did not let me play on there much because everything is getting old & broken. Some things have nails sticking up. My Mum did not want me to get hurt.  We both think it is fery sad that there are not many good things for doggies to do in our town.

On Top of the World

Next we walked the long way around the flood wall to get back to the car. I have been fery quite all night. My Mumma reckons I must be tired.  I say I am just saving up my energy to go on a long walkies tomorrow too.


2 Comments to “Sunny Day Walkies”

  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon…hanging out with a pup. : ) Playing fetch is one of our favorite ways to while away the hours.

  2. Mom and I love the pictured your mom took from your walkie! I think it looks like a really cool place for doggies!! Lots of things to sniff!!


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