Dark-time Frisbee

My hu-mum says that somedogs have lovely spring time weather now, and it’s even hot & sunny in some parts of the world.  But here in New Zealand, it’s almost winter time, and when my hu-dad comes home from work, it’s almost dark-time. Yesterday the hu-mans decided we would go to the dog-pen anyway.


I guess they don’t know how hard it is to catch your Frisbee when it’s almost dark. I still managed though, because I’m a Pretty Clever Dog. When it got really too dark for Frisbee catching, I chased my JollyBall for a bit.


3 Comments to “Dark-time Frisbee”

  1. Thanks for visiting and wishing us well. It will help through this hard time. Having an extended family like DWB certainly helps.

    Essex & Dog Dad

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. : )

  3. I play with my jolly ball when it’s almost dark too!!!! I hope you still like your jolly ball!! I love mine! My ACD cousin/brudder (don’t know my relation to him…. I’m going to call him my distant brudder), Baillie in Tennessee, is just beginning to learn how to play with his jolly ball! Maybe we should teach him…

    I wonder if mom could find you a glow in the dark frisbee…



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