Oh yes….

…..no matter how many fancy things Mum does with that photo – the stinky cat is still touching me. She said that if I wanted to snooze beside her on the couch, well, I had to lie beside the stinky cat too. She even asked the hu-Dad to take a photo so she had ‘evidence’. Huummmfff. I am less than impressed.

PS Mum says that WordPress has been doing strange things the last few days so I have not been able to do anything on my blog. But the kind WordPress man fixed it right away once she let him know. So I have some photos from other days to catch up on posting soon


One Comment to “Oh yes….”

  1. Wugew
    You awe putting a good face on that sitooation. The way I see it, you can get used to being next to a kitteh if it means being on a comfy sofa wif youw Mom
    I hope all of you have a most wondewful weekend
    smoochie kisses

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