Spooky Night-time.

My Mum still has the germs from Dad, but she was sick of feeling sick, so she decided to go for a walk anyway. It was actually quite nice & warm outside. I would really like the hu-mans to walk s-l-o-w-ly so that I can read the pee-mails properly. I never get to finish the good jokes. I only get as far as ” three blonde cats & an Irish dog walked into a bar….” then the darn humans tell me to hurry up.
Oh well, at least I get to go walkies with my hu-Dad & hu-Mum. And the stinky cat has to stay at home.


3 Comments to “Spooky Night-time.”

  1. Hey Ruger! My hu-mans are like that too. I try and ig-knaw them butt I’m usually on a short lead. Herd my favourite Pee-mail yesterdog – Wuff, grrrrrr, Grrrrr, yap-yap, bark!! wuff, snuffle, woof, woof !!!!

    Hang in thar and keep on barkin’ up the wrong tree.

  2. Ruger, My mom does the same thing-they are always in such a hurry! Dont they know that we have alot of sniffing to do!!!!

    Sounds like you are getting alot of walkies! ISnt it the best! I’m nosing my mom right now-I want to go out!!!



  3. stupid mom signed the previous post as her and with her running blog-stoopid mom!!



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