Airport Walkies

The hu-mum invented a new walkies loop for us to do today. We couldn’t go very far away because the hu-dad was on call for his work at the hospital.  But Mum & I are very sick of walking on the pavements because Mum gets a sore back & I get tired paws. So my Mum thought of a different place for us to walk that was near Dad’s work & not too much on the asphalt. We even met my friends Tylar & Buddy on our walkies. Mum & Dad wanted to stop and talk talk talk to their humans, but after a while I got to whining because I was done with standing still. So I might have a play-date with Tylar & Buddy on Thursday if their hu-mum gets done with her work on time, because my mum has a day off that day.

Our walkies was near the beach as well as the airport, so here I am posing.


3 Comments to “Airport Walkies”

  1. It’s always nice to meet friends when you are out and about!


  2. Why is it that the humans think it is ok to stand and chat when we have things to sniff out?

  3. howdy there and nice to meet you. your walk looked bewootiful. next time your human takes a long time to start walking again we suggest letting out a most fragance filled toot and that ought to get them walking again
    tee hee hee

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

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