Rainy Day Walkies

I was Almost A Very Good Dog today. Mum & I went for a walk today. Mum thought it was going to rain on our walk – it’s been raining ALOT here recently – and it was very windy too. SO mum thought that I could have a try at wearing my rain coat. Well, it’s not EXACTLY mine, because our first human mother Maree Mum lent it to Neve, but Neve only got to wear it one time. 

Mum put the jacket on me and off we went. I wasn’t bothered even one bit about wearing it (… in fact, it was quite snugly & warm … but don’t tell Mum I said that….)  So Mum thought that I was really a Very Good Dog for wearing my coat so well for the first time

As for the Almost bit, well it wasn’t myyyyy fault that a Very Disrespectful Cat sat on its fence and stared at me, then even turned around and stared at me some more when we went past. So I had to get my teefies on my lead and try to take it out of Mum’s hand. But that was just because I really wanted to go and chase that cat and teach it how to be more respectful and run away like it should when a handsome dog like me goes past.  You doggies will all understand that those cats need to learn to be more respectful to us dogs.

Here is a picture of handsome me on our soggy walkies.


2 Comments to “Rainy Day Walkies”

  1. Ruger, I think “almost” counts plenty! It’s been rainy here, too — I want more sun to lie in!
    – Charlie

  2. Hey Ruger
    It’s super rainy here too but come on! Man up! why are you wearing a rain coat? That stuff makes me sooooo hot to walk in. You do look super chic in it though.. Love your new bloggie!
    love nordude

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