Hello, kia ora to all you bloggy doggies!!!  My Mum says I have to write and introduce myself.  But I says how does the Most Handsome Dog in the World need introducing – doesn’t everyone know me already??  So Mum had to explain that just because SHE thinks I’m the most Handsome Dog in the World doesn’t mean that everybody thinks I am.

Oh well, so long as my mum thinks I’m handsome, that’s all that matters.

Then I tried telling her that I didn’t need to write any introduction thing – I could just do butt sniffing & pee-mail reading, but she said that smells don’t work on this internet thingie. 

She thinks I need some new friends because my sister Neve went to the Rainbow Bridge just a little while ago.  I have to say, it is getting a bit boring laying on the couch here alllllll by myself. (Well, apart from the stinky cat. But I’m not going to talk about him.)

Here goes – My name is Ruger.  I am an Australian Cattle Dog, sometimes known as  the ‘blue heeler’. I love my Frisbee, my Jolly Ball, bananas, kiwifriut and most of all my humans. I do not like builders & electricians, thunder & the dog next door.  I have lived with my humans since I was about 8 weeks old and I will be 8 years old in August.  At my house we have one me, two humans and one stinky cat. Mum & Dad & I wish that we still had my sister too, but she got really sick for a little while. Mum says she will write about that for me one day.  We don’t think the stinky cat really minds though, because Neve used to eat his pencil when he was playing games with Dad. So that’s about all for now, except here is another picture of handsome me.


8 Comments to “Introducing”

  1. What a handsome dog you are. Wish you had done blogger though. WordPress is such a nuisance to comment on. Oh wel, look forward to more reads 🙂

  2. hiya ruger

    We are el’bow & hauwii from belguim 🙂
    and welcome to the blogworld

    hope to read alll you adventures
    Cant wait!!!

    Happy sunny Kissslobbers
    El’bow & Hauwii

  3. Hi Ruger! Know what? Mitch’s name was Ruger when he first came to us but mom changed it because she always wanted a Dale boy named Mitch. She got her wish!
    You are very handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and MItch

  4. Hi Ruger! Welcome to the bloggisphere! You will make lots of nice friends here!


  5. Hello Wugew
    I’m so vewy happy to meet you and be youw fwiend!
    You awe totally wight! You awe soopew Handsome!
    I was so sad that Neve had to leave us fow now, but I know she is playing happily wif all ouw angels and fwiends ovew the bwidge..sopmeday we’ll all meet up thewe, in the meantime, I’m awfully glad that you awe thewe to play wif youw Mom and Dad and I bet even stinky cat is happy to have you.
    Welcome to blogging
    My Mommi hasn’t helped me much lately, but I’m hoping she will get bck to blogging fow me soonest
    smoochie kisses

  6. w00fs Ruger…we is Rocky, Jodee and Bear…welcome to blogging..u are a handsome boy…we was sorry when Neve left us too…hope she found all our other angel doggies and kitties…they are a lot of them…hope u enjoy bloggin…

    b safe,
    “the hudson furkids”

  7. Welcome to the blogging world. We saw your post on FB and had to come say hello and welcome.

  8. Hi Ruger! I think we are twins! I love my humans and I hate thunder and the next-door dogs. And my mom says I am the most handsomest boy in the world. Plus… I have a stinky cat!! We must have been separated at birth.
    – Charlie

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